Аbout ICOA


15 August 2013


1. The Association is a nonprofit open voluntary organization of legal persons who do not receive direct income (dividends) from its activities. The Association is created as a contractual organization, which is not a business entity or enterprise carries on business activities. Functions and powers of the Association rule out the possibility of actions that restrict competition among its members and other entities operating in the out-of-home advertising market.

2. The Association is a contractual organization, a business association in the understanding of the Economic code of Ukraine. The Association is a non-profit organization in the meaning of the Civil code of Ukraine.

3. The accession to Association of enterprises, institutions and organizations and withdrawal from an organization is voluntary and is carried out in the manner prescribed by its bylaws.

4. The Association is a legal entity, has separate property, may in its own name acquire property and personal non-property rights and bear responsibilities, to be the plaintiff and defendant in the court of General jurisdiction, commercial, arbitration, administrative court and other judicial units.
The Association has the right to open current and other accounts in national and in foreign currency in the banking institutions, has a seal, stamps and symbols with its name, that are approved in accordance with legislation.

5. The Association is financed solely by membership fees, charity care and other sources provided by the Charter.

6. The Association may establish branches, representative offices and other separate units without creating a legal entity.

7. The Association shall be liable with its property for its obligations in accordance with signed in its own name deals. Its property may be levied in accordance with applicable law.

8. The Association is not responsible for the obligations of the members and the members are not responsible for obligations of the Association. The Association is not liable for the obligations of the state and the state is not liable for the obligations of the Association.


1. The purpose of the Association is to promote the development of out-of-home advertising market in Ukraine, development of draft legislative acts on the issues of foreign advertising, organization of credible and balanced system of monitoring and sociological research (measurement) of the effectiveness of out-of-home advertising in Ukraine.
2. The objects of the Association. The object of the Association is the representation of its members in bodies of state power and administration, local authorities, other institutions, enterprises and organizations, to coordinate the activities of its members (without right to intervene in their production and commercial activities and in the adoption of management solutions) on the following issues:

  • Technical information and education of members, namely:

- explain the aims of the Association by organizing lectures, discussions, seminars and conferences, appearances in the media, providing advice, attraction of local and foreign professionals consultants;
- dissemination of information about science, technical knowledge, best practices and effective technology, the implementation of the cost reduction, environmentally sound technologies;
- formation the system of professional training for its members, regular publication of information about the Association and its participants, industry issues, foreign experience;
- organization of analytical work on the issues of management and marketing in the affected markets and regular dissemination of these works among members;
- methodical assistance to the members of the Association during the deficiencies in the work or training their employees.

  • Providing of information, namely:

- gathering among the members-only data on production, production capacity and so on, including with the aim of studying the out-of-home advertising market and distributing them in a summarized form no later than one month after data collection in terms of inability to use the data against Association members and/or competitors.

  • In the sphere of standardization, namely:

- promoting the efficiency operation of out-of-home advertising market through the development, discussion, suggestions regarding objectively reasonable types of classifiers, quality standards of goods and services, operational reliability and security.
- development of standards and methods of measuring advertising effectiveness tools and out-of-home advertising for certain advertised products on the basis of coverage of the target audience and the number of target contacts.

  • Cooperation and interaction with bodies of state power and administration, local authorities and between the participants, namely:

- cooperation with public authorities and control bodies of local self-government on the issues of legal the resolution of the General principles of functioning in the out-of-home advertising market;
- protection of interests of Association members in the organs of state power and administration, local government Ukraine, as well as in other organizations in Ukraine and abroad;
- assistance in creating the conditions for Association members' foreign market entry.