Аbout ICOA

About ICOA

15 August 2013

The Industry Committee of outdoor advertising (ICOA) is a professional Association of leading OOH operators and media agencies, which guides the development of outdoor advertising market in Ukraine.

The key objectives of the ICOA are creation of a balanced system of monitoring and measurement of outdoor advertising audience, as well as standardisation of processes of market participants interaction.

The ICOA is composed of TOP-6 OOH operators and TOP 6 media groups and agencies.

The total share of advertising budgets in outdoor advertising among the operators participating ICOA in Ukraine is about 50%. The consolidated share of advertising agencies - 55-60%.

Advertising agencies and groups:
adv 150-100 groupm 150-100 mssmartgroup 150-100
 PublicisGroupe 150-100  OMD OPTIMUM-MEDIA 150-100  posterscopr-ukraine-04
Operators of outdoor advertising:
RTM 150-100 Big Bord 150х100 Prime 150-100
Перехид 150 100 OctagonOutdoor 150-100